Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

I'm in one of them days for a random post, and seeing i've not being at work today and therefore had no buses or customers to complain about then I thought I'd take the time to carry on from a post I found upon Daisychain's blog. So to carry on the tradition i'm going to attempt to try and come up with ten random beauty facts about me!

Well here goes ...!!

  1. If I was rich enough, or just merely had the money to spare I really would buy all my make-up and beauty products from Clinique.
  2. Until then by day to day make up is No17.
  3. I never go anywhere without wearing eyeliner [black for the underneath and brown for the lids]. I fear going without eyeliner makes me feel somewhat like a zombie!
  4. Body butter is a life saver - with skin like sandpaper anything to make my skin somewhat human is a valuable must!
  5. I'm currently trying to get more into a beauty routine at night, scrub scrub scrubbing away the dirty of the day, moisturising and using toner, but with a rubbish memory and being half asleep, I often forget
  6. I love nail varnish
  7. My perfume of choice is most often one by the British designer Paul Smith - the first perfume I ever brought for myself or really wore was Floral, and I just love Sunshine and Woman. This is so closely followed by Daisy by Marc Jacobs and 4711.
  8. I never stick to just one brand of hair products, but I guess my favourites would have to be Toni and Guy, they seem to cover my dresser more then any other, but I seem to have everything and anything when it comes to hair stuff, I have a bit of an addiction!
  9. I need to re-dye my hair but I really don't know what colour. I've been dyeing it for the past four years - with blondes, toffee colours, brunettes and reds. Just need to find the colour and the time.
  10. And I love my hair being played with :)
I'm not going to tag anyone, just have a go at it yourself if you fancy! Its not as easy as it first looks!


  1. mmm, body butter is the best!! and yea, i need some new hair ideas too

  2. mmm and body butter smells so yum too!

  3. What a terrifically fun idea for a post! I'm a massive fan of beauty products and cosmetics, too, and greatly enjoyed reading your list.

    I used to feel like I needed to wear eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes every day and did so for over ten years! It almost felt like a protective shield to me. But this past year, I've often started skipping liner on the bottom to help bolster some of my vintage make-up looks, and have found I actually like going unlined on the bottom. I still use it sometimes, it just depends on how I'm doing my over all face up on a given day :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous week (and that one day you can indeed buy only Clinique as your heart desires), sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. dude, how could I forget body butter off my list? Soap and Glory is my poison!

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