Saturday, 14 November 2009

LIFE: Random Ranting Time

Sometimes I really do just need to rant about stuff, often only little things that just need to come out into the open. So here goes;

a) Guys and gals who tend to wear their jeans below their arses. I don't really care to see your undies, even if they were Paul Smith branded ones, I wouldn't want to see them so clearly decorated. Either wear a belt in your jeans/pants, or get some that fit. Oh and please god if you do have to show the world your undies, make sure they are clean ones.

b) People who interrupt you mid sentence when your busy talking to someone else. Especially when it's so very obvious that your talking too, and helping someone. Just wait damn it.

c) There seems to be a sudden lack of manners, politeness and being able to be nice and friendly to people. To give a smile its free, yet they seem to be lacking in public.

d) Why does Marc Jacobs perfume have to smell so yummy and be so expensive. Well maybe £45 to most isn't that expensive when it comes to perfume, but it is when your money saving. Especially when Daisy has been out for over a year.

e) Why is everyone so obsessed with reality TV and the manufactured "talent" that is projected from such shows. The nation, even the news seem overtaken, and somewhat corrupted in the love and the life of the people which show and host these shows. Talent has been confused with glamour and fame. Yet to be "talented" has somewhat been blanketed into having a TV personality and appeal. I fear I'm one of the few people that just doesn't watch such shows. Hopefully there are more of us hidden somewhere.

There's probably more, but that'll do for now! Free free to add your own ...


  1. Yes, I can put my hand up and say I NEVER watch reality TV, so-called talent shows or soap operas. I watch really sensible shows with down to earth plots and everyday dialogue such as The Avengers (HAHa).

    There MUST be more of us?

  2. Well i'm hoping there's some more of us lurking about ...

  3. I saw a young lad of about 19 on the train today with his jeans below his bum and his boxers on display.

    It took every ounce of strength in my body to hold myself back from pulling his trousers up just as I would with my toddler.


  4. Hear, hear! I agree with you on every point (ok, technically I've never smelt Daisy perfume, but all the perfumes I love cost a right pretty penny too, so I can fully relate).

    As someone who loves to smile amicably at strangers, I too have noticed that over the years this simple, lovely practise is becoming less and less common. Where once a smile would be greeted by another smile, it now seems a blank expression - or worst, a sneer - is returned by all but a small handful (often elderly women, bless them, are the ones who do smile back). No matter though, I plan to keep smiling for as long as I'm on this rock, no matter if others care to join me or not!

    Yours in all manner of very valid rants :)
    ♥ Jessica