Monday, 9 November 2009

Bedtime petals and quilted seats

Take a classic bed
1930s Bedroom
And cover it in sweet pink tipped rose petals
And the girl just falls deeper

I so would love that bed and dressing table - aren't they so glamorous and fab!

Sorry for the limited words tonight my dears, first day back as a working girl and I'm absolutely shattered.

The store radio was also playing an endless stream of Christmas songs - I may be well sick of them by the time Christmas arrives.

But additionally - your thoughts i'm sitting on the fence
Quilted objects, especially this quilted chaise;
Fabulous? Naff? Indifference? Discuss
If you do love it, you can buy it from Squint Limited


  1. I love the classic bed, and to cover it with soft rose petals is heavenly indeed! I hope I'll have something like that one day in my own home:)

  2. That bed gives me so many ideas for my own house someday!

  3. I love the chaise! I'm not sure what kind of space you'd have to create in order for it not to look garishly vulgar, but I love it just the same! :D

  4. Everything is entirely fab! Especially the idea of sinking into a rose petal covered bed - that sounds like such a fragrant slice of slumber time heaven.

    Sending hugs & reviving energy your way, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica