Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bus bus bus

Buses annoy me, well most of the time. Often just slow take this morning it decided it wanted to be 20 minutes late with no sign or word of an apology from the driver. Yet take Saturday night, the same journey and 3 minutes late and the driver uttered a huge sorry for his apparent lateness.

I wish I was one of them people that can do things while they are travelling. On trains I'm fine, but stick me into something moving with four wheels and I can't do anything but stare out of the front window. Texting is just manageable, but reading just is a lost cause.

With a week and a bit spent going back and forth for verging on two hours every day to work, its a wonder what you see and what people do when they are travelling either for work, shopping or meeting people.

Take tonight, one girl was crying during a phone conversation, on her lap a huge bunch of flowers and at her feet a massive rucksack, a women was knitting nearly in the darkness because the lights started to go faulty inside - some soaks in a gorgeous navy blue, a few were reading, chatting on phones, listening to music. One girl was doing some written work, an elderly man was winding up his hand-powered torch.

I just stared out of the window into the utter darkness and watched the stars go past.

Image of the Los Angles Motor Company Bus circa 1920s take from Flickr.


  1. what a goegeous blog.

  2. ugh, buses drive me nuts. cant stand 'em!

  3. You have such an eloquent writing voice, sweet dear. I could picture the scene you described on the bus perfectly.

    May you have a peaceful, lovely weekend,
    ♥ Jessica


    I created a little blog accolade of my own this past week called the Chronically Fantastic award, and listed you as one of the recipients, as I have always felt that your blog is truly Chronically Fantastic to its core!

  4. Thank you Jessica! There was another lady on the bus tonight knitting - but what i'm not too sure. I'm thinking it may be a scarf made from a yarn of multiple colours. It was lovely either way!

    Thank you for the award! :D